Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Just Called to Say I'm Creepy

I came across this link today, which is certainly an odd collision of the cyber and real world we live in today.

Hey Baby, u don't know me, but I'm standing across this bar checking u out. :) LOL :)

Now, approaching someone online is one thing. I know plenty of people who have gotten into things like, but this is something else entirely. It's apparently some sort of service that allows you to text people across the room from you to "break the ice." I Really? I feel like nothing would flatter a girl more than texting her to tell her that she looks good, but I'm too chicken to actually come and talk to her. What's the protocol for her then? Text you back or is she forced to start the actual conversation?

Entertainingly enough, this is a direct sentence from their site, "This approach is so new and unique that very few people understand the situations in which it will work for them, or the full potential of this idea." No kidding guys. People don't entirely understand it, cause it's a little odd. If you're bold enough to go on this blind date, speed dating like location, you'd think you could talk to someone. You're all there in a big meet up meat market. The ice is already broken!

There's also a section on when this would NOT work for someone. First off, if you live in a rural environment. Sorry farmland areas, you're going to have to resort to online, there's no local bar for you. Then, if you're going through a painful break up:

"I'm still getting over a difficult breakup, will Ice Brkr still work for me?

If you're feeling quite vulnerable at the moment, you may want to make sure you have the support of close friends while meeting new people in a bar via Ice Brkr. Or you may want to consider online dating in the first instance and move on to Ice Brkr when you're feeling a bit stronger."

Damn, I have to be emotionally strong to use this site? Well there goes that. At the very least, my friends will be there with me, when the girl comes to kick my ass for texting her creepy stalker messages from across the bar!

Sadly, it's only in the UK. One day, day.


Anonymous said...

The reality is that people do find it difficult to break the ice with strangers. Obviously no one likes to admit, it but it's true. And it is also true that people can tell if they fancy someone within moments of meeting them.

Plus, girls don't appreciate being bothered if they don't fancy you in the first place, whether you're confident enough to come over or not.

Not so sure you're right this time.

Mr Fancypants said...

Ice Brkr PR Rep:
Oops, I mean "anonymous":
What does the word 'fancy' means when used as a verb?

Anonymous said...

This texting idea is the best thing ever! I use it all the time. That's how I pull all the hot chicks. I text and they just come running over to me. I don't even have to get up.

Text lover said...

I actually met my now fiance this way. It was a little weird at first but then I thought it was endearing that he liked me but was too shy to come right up to me. I smiled at him and then he found the confidence to come over and buy me a drink.

Sara S said...

kid rock once texted me in a bar. i was so impressed that he spelled everything right that i went home with him.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to meet women the old fashioned way: sneak up behind them when they're dancing and get up in their business.

traci said...

damn boy i hear that!

Ice Brkr said...

Dear Editors

Thanks for talking about Ice Brkr. The humour is appreciated.

But seriously. Research by psychologists shows that females send off positive body language signals to the specific guys they fancy. Sadly guys don't understand complicated stuff like that. So it's the most confident guy who comes over to chat. And in many cases that is not the person she was interested in.

And regardless of how confident guys claim to be anecdotal evidence suggests that most have difficulty approaching someone they find attractive in a bar.

Ice Brkr may sound like a 'new' idea but if you think about it, it is the online dating ideas that are actually new. Ice Brkr actually takes us back to what humans have done for thousands of years. Instead of 'meeting' a disembodied person online, Ice Brkr relies on our innate ability to decide who we fancy just by looking at them. And then it helps us meet them to see if there is any chemistry - right there and then.

Granted, Ice Brkr may not be for everyone, but it addresses a real problem.

A cable TV channel recently did a nice 2 minute piece (aired on Valentines Day) explaining how Ice Brkr really works. Please take a look. It may change what you think.

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